Wolf of Wall Street is a representation of everything that is wrong with modern capitalistic America and all that I despise about people’s priorities. It’s absolutely disgusting the obsession that we have and just how far we are willing to sell ourselves for paper that is under a few hundred years old. There is no real living anymore.

I am about to have a nervous breakdown followed by a major pick me up

I am genuinely sad

Writing really helps clear the mind

Work with me
Not against me
Cause all I see are reasons to believe

An incredible day/night

I feel like I’m losing in a big way. I can’t shake the feeling at all.

All things take work. Relationships take work as well but the payout is much higher than most things. Hold value in the things that matter to you.

Dammit… It’s fucking baseball season again.

Lots to do this week :)

Loving this project. I made the right moves for sure on this one.

You have to wonder about so many negative things happening that you have to wonder if you are in someway responsible or not. Perhaps these scientific/spiritual laws are correct which may be the cause of this domino effect. When something positive happens it seems to ripple out and when something negative happens it seems to multiply. I’m not sure if this is something that you can control or embrace to learn. The previous few months have been quite the roller coaster between my business, friendships, and relationship. It’s quite difficult to understand but when one thing seems good, they all progressively do, when one thing falls the rest seem to slowly turn to turmoil. How much is in my control? One thing about life’s mysteries is that I will always appreciate it.

I’m addicted to my girlfriend

It feels so good to be busy. So many good things going on.

Luke Bryan sucks so fucking bad it’s ridiculous. I cannot believe this clown has a following.

At times, you simply want to say “fuck you all,” but you refrain. You know, as a reactionary effort (not a real word by the way).

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