Today I’m grateful for my new kitty cat! This cat is so damn cute I’m pretty sure that it’s a result of rainbows fucking.

// Music//

I’m grateful for music! ‘Nuff said.

// My father//

Losing my father at age 10 wasn’t easy. To really see and learn death at that young of an age is something that really helps sculpt your upbringing and the way you think. You can go two ways: lash out about it or learn from it. I am so grateful that I had that happened because I learned from it. It made me question the trivial things in life since I was always reminded how short it could be. It taught me what not to do. I feel like any parent would sacrifice their own lives to teach their child those lessons. I’m not saying my father was a noble martyr, he didn’t do it on purpose… But it does bring purpose to his death. In the end, purpose is what we all need.

// My family//

I am very grateful for my family. I can always depend on them when I am down and out and can always count on them for a laugh. I miss the random days of dinners, nights out at the bar, and family parties. They’re one of the greatest bunch of dysfunctional people in the world.

// Friends//

I am extremely grateful for my friends. I have a wonderful group of imperfect people that are great friends. We’ve had many laughs, shared similar dreams, and can always trust each other. To know that you have people that you can always depend on that will be there when you’re old and grey is a wonderful thing.

// My failures//

Everything I have ever learned in my life was not easy. I have many more failures than I care to remember. Constantly having a great vision of something but not seeing it through. Lack of motivation and ADD. I failed at saving any kind of money at my job of six years when right now I could be buying a house (or an API board to sleep under). I have wasted time dating when I was single trying to force things with people I had no business talking to in the first place. I have lost friends in my life. Failed business relationships. Failed portions of my relationship that stripped away trust. I failed so many things that I tried. It’s not always to be confident when you look at these things you may have wanted to do differently in life. It depends on your outlook. I am grateful for these things. These failures only make me who I am and help sculpt me into the man I continue to grow to be. I have a feeling if I stay on my right path I’ll end up where I need to be in business, my relationship, and location.

// My accomplishments//

I am grateful for my accomplishments. I was always extremely intelligent compared to my peers growing up. I always had a thirst to expand my knowledge as much as I could about things that I cared about and I ignored the things that I didn’t. Spanish and science took a backseat as I dove into history, politics, and worked on developing my own ideological style of living and viewpoints.

My former job. I am grateful for having the experience I did in the title industry. To help be a part of a company from the beginning, help it grow while learning so much at a young age, and being able to finally leave it behind with no regrets was a great 6 years of my life. The skills I developed there I carry with me always. I learned what it meant to be ethical in an extremely unethical environment. In the end, it wasn’t for me. I lost my interest in the circus that was going on.

My girlfriend. Though this may seem like I’m objectifying her, I had a goal for years of my life to be with her. I was head over heels for her for years. At the worst possible moment I was finally able to begin my relationship with her. It certainly wasn’t the best start but we pulled out alive.

My dreams. I am proud of my childish dreams. Most people gave up on theirs to settle for a life of complacency on the clock. I dreamt to be a songwriter and studio engineer and do what I could to change the world in my own small way.

My culture. I happily abandoned my culture. This patriotic, media driven, star spangled dump stain doesn’t hold a place in my heart the way it does to others. I am proud of this. I am proud that I am smart enough to overlook a culture that is under 300 years young in a world that has created life for millions of years. Borders are a silly thing to fight over and this country has an army of morons standing by at any second to support the evil things being done in the world in the name of security, patriotism, and superiority.

Letting go. I’m proud of myself for learning to let go of things much better than I used to. I constantly lived in the past with no focus for a future and now I an constantly keeping goals in mind. Things that bothered me for years that I obsessed over have vanished. Ex girlfriends, my girlfriends previous relationship, ex business partners: I have cleared the space in my brain of this negativity. It is part of learning to love.

Moving on. To pick up everything with no plan and leave where you’re from takes courage. Leaving your cushy job takes courage. Starting your own business when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing takes courage. I found my courage again once I started dating my girlfriend. It’s not to not take credit for doing these things, but she inspired me to do so without even knowing it. All those negative energies I had towards government, corrupt businesses I worked for, and the cold she made me want to push through those things and take control of living again. Prior to that, I was Mr. American Complacency. Working a job with stable finances, giving my time to that job, gluing myself to a TV, and being so depressed about the lack of living in my life.

The law of attraction. I am grateful for the universe and all that it has given me and continues to give back to me. The magnetic relationship between the universe and it’s people has allowed me to lead a fantastic life so far full of things I need. It has it’s ups and downs but it is supposed to. We always have the power to get back on that elevator and say “going up.”

It is time to increase my positive energy again. I need to meditate more, focus on things I want, give back more to my community, and focus my thoughts on aligning my goals again. Part of that, is expressing gratitude. For the next few days I am going to exercise expressing my gratitude everyday for the things that I appreciate.

These movies are so good. I doubt I’ll ever outgrow Star Wars.

I have always stood behind one principle in history when growing up. Something most people couldn’t see: Hate cannot exist without love. You simply cannot hate something with love being involved. It’s the opposite of extremes. It is impossible to hate something unless you either have loved it yourself or it has damaged something that you love. How could you ever hate a stranger? You can’t. Unless they hurt something you love or effected an ideal that you believe in. When I tell people this they think it’s complicated, but it’s quite simple really. You cannot hate without love.


Either or.


Either or.

Fuck mediocrity. I’m going for greatness.

KnowTooMuch • Frequencies and Harmonics: Forbidden Knowledge

Very interesting. I do not fully understand this but Nikola Tesla’s theory falls in line with a lot of things that I believe. Though audio engineering isn’t as advanced as this stuff, it deals with manipulating frequencies, waveforms, and creating an energy. Once you begin manipulating these things, you see drastic changes in your results. I believe the law of attraction falls in line with this. Your thoughts emit high frequencies and using “the world is a giant magnet” theory, those thoughts (frequencies) attract each other. I wonder if there is ever phase cancellation in human thought 😜

This is very real stuff and not some belief that is contingent on faith, but instead is a form science.

That was really fun to write something so long and detailed. But to lose it to it not saving sucks 😔

Thoughts DEFINITELY become things.

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